‘Citing Billie Holiday and Robert Smith as equal influences, she understands that character is just as important as technical skill – real singers talk loud and say something. Amenta’s got us on our knees!’

Red Bull Music Academy

A graduate of last year’s Red Bull Music Academy in London, the Toronto-born singer has been making waves for a while now – her collabs list reads like a who’s who of contemporary producers: Blue Daisy, Mau’Lin, fLako, kidkanevil, Om Unit, Clinic, Lost Twin and Throwing Snow. Whilst her stunning voice is what first grabs you, it’s her skill in choosing music and transforming it into something distinctly her own that sets her apart. Her debut EP ‘Sacred Places’ is testament to her incredible ear for music; her haunting voice and fearless experimentation the common threads that weave through a variety of styles. The EP is certain to surprise fans of the producers involved –the genuinely collaborative approach that Amenta takes has ushered them into new areas themselves – pushing beyond the beats scene into unchartered territories.


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