Thank You Machine

Thank You Machine is a collaboration between a collective of London producers and a recently discovered musical engineering experiment from the 1950s. Found in an unopened room of a research facility in North West London, the primitive music technology has been rennoavted and used as the basis of this new project. When feeding the sounds derived from the machine into a modern studio set up, one 10-second snippet of sound (Logo) resonated with the producers – as they recorded it in the waveform on the screen spelled out the words ‘Thank You Machine’. Whether it was a quirk of fate or a calculated move from the original scientist, that was the moment that Thank You Machine was born.┬áTheir debut EP is the first product of the project, incorporating guest vocals and live instrumentation from the unorthodox sounds derived from the Thank You Machine. This takes in digital electro hip hop on ‘Computerised’, the liquid crystal smoothness of ‘Four Corners’, the Glitch Pop of ‘So Long’ and the protest soul of ‘The Flame’.