The Simonsound

The Simonsound is a sonic partnership consisting of Simon James and Matt Ford. Words can be no substitute for the aural experience, but if you will have words, the duo’s first album offers an intriguing variety of sounds, including what the duo describe as ’50s and ’60s-inspired space music, mood music for film and TV, haunting vocal tracks, and switched-on cover versions of classics realised on the Moog synthesiser. Simon and Matt have been working together on various projects over the years. You may have heard their work together before on Matt’s albums under his guise as DJ Format, on which Simon assisted with production and mixed all vocals.

The Simonsound is far from another DJ Format project. With broader musical tastes than just hip hop and funk, Simon and Matt started working on The Simonsound as an outlet for their more experimental offerings inspired by 60’s psych, pioneering electronics and music for TV and film. The first Simonsound album, Reverse Engineering, is released this May.


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