Ye Mighty


Ye Mighty are Max Wheeler (formerly of Dirty Diggers) and Richard “Dutch” Halligan, the latest product of the incredibly prolific Brighton music scene, that has brought the world the likes of Quantic, Bonobo, Nostalgia 77 and Alice Russell to name but a few.

Ye Mighty met through recording in a shared studio: Dutch working with Tom Caruana (the man behind the much-lauded Wu-Tang vs The Beatles album) downstairs and Max’s studio based on the floor above. Max heard horns drifiting up and Dutch heard drums banging down and when they eventually swapped notes and put the two together they realised they might have a project on their hands.

The Ethiopian, Japanese and Eastern scales used throughout gave the record a focus, as did the hip hop aesthetic of up front drum sounds and patterns. The result is ‘Beyond Cairo’ the kind of album that any beat digger would want to pinch a few bars off – the influences of Galt McDermott, Axelrod, Ethiopiques, Mulatu and Fela Kuti are writ large across the album, with their own modern twist subtly interwoven into the mix. They followed this up with a speaker-rattling cover of Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Fuse’ and are currently working on new material for release in 2013.


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